Private Lessons

This program is geared towards players of all ages and skill level that are striving for excellence in the game of hockey. This is a customized program that will feature a variety of high intensity skill development drills. It provides the instructor the ability to teach and correct skating, shooting and puck control skills at a personal level.

Our private lesson are a one hour program that are tailored to meet each players needs.  Some of the areas that we focus on are SKATING (edge control, balance and posture, crossovers, quick starts, boot and blades awareness, stride recovery) SHOOTING (wrist shot, accuracy, one timers, velocity, release time) PUCK CONTROL (lateral moves, forehand fakes, backhand fakes, toe drags, protecting the puck)

              To register please call our instructors for booking information:
                   Brett Punchard  647-988-2727               Adam Lamarre   647-284-1734


                                             See you on the ice!